Tribute to Iye

Dear Mother

From my first cry

Your smile and voice

comforting and soothing

I, your son

You, my sun

Blessed with your eternal love

My guardian angel

Through my early and later life

With you i saw

the goodness of God

Kindness from your heart,

always overflowing

Your prayers always protecting

Through you i learned

of God-given qualities

that was embedded in you

You gave me strength

Even in my darkest moments

when life was hard

You broke through

bringing peace to my soul

Making my path in life easier

Even giving me the name ‘Omonogie’

A child destined to be king

Today my tears

Fill the room

But I know

Your soul rests by God’s side

In knowing that

I will remain strong

Carrying your legacy

On, to my children and their offsprings

Though this life

You, I will not see

Your will spirit live on

Shinning brightest in my heart

and in those of others

Mama the mama

Sweetest mother

Until the end of time

Beyond stars and heavens

When we will reunite

Dancing and basking in God’s light