Simple World: dream, dream on

Wonderful plays, it seems. Slowly the tides shifts gears, with the pedal revved, the acquired sense of direction attains a new set of waves. Like a pair of new shoes, the delusion of enchantment smells too sweet at first. Only when you see the decays of the sole then, and only then you can boldly say β€œthou feet are worn out.”

The louder it gets, the smoother the lullabies get. The high pitched voice from the folk-place is always under the buses. Must water fall from the sky? When the land bears bountiful fruit. In the need for cheeks and checks, the kiss smears longer till the bite on the neck becomes apparent.

A striking resemblance you see on the wide world screen. It gets madder by each channel or Chanel. It grows wilder by the sound of the speaker; less reality, more distortion. The fetish of the street-grain-rodeo brings the compendium of highlighted thirst to a new low.

The steps of the queen drags a little too long. The stare she receives adds a year or two to the tale of the Sheeba and a mere man. So strong, yet her kiss settles easily on mouth. The want breaks loose setting another yearn for lust. Such and such, the silk dissipates and all that was hidden bears front in the room of embrace. The pain hints at a later time, but the Queen continues to hold her spell. The mirror says all, she reigns supreme. At day, her face. In night her cries.

Another maybe. Pass away smiles; dreaming on till laughter from the face of the passer-by rings into mind. The workout to bring sane goes south and sends messages to the unknown up north.



Silence as the mourners pass through
Straight ahead a cross shines
Up in the sky, clouds all filled
Blasting loud; thunder strikes
Lighting closely behind
Below the mourners fill up the soil
Their tears before the rain drops
Who died? Who died?

Caskets fill up mid high
Some gold, others wood
The church bells ring in a distance
Horses slowly stride, the mourners behind
Look up again, the darkened sky
Listen once more, those bells cry like fallen angels
Yeah, yeah
Hell on earth, heaven ascended

The beasts roar encompasses the mind
All through the box and cube box
Silence is now the only revival
Silence away from hell bound melodies
The rapture abounds, all to be seen
On the throne rest the reflected light
Coated in gold alongside them false prophets
Salvation and peace removed
Replaced with diamonds and universal coins

The saving grace gone from our mind
Deceiving all with the reflecting trinity
That light that never passes through heart
That sound that brings eternal sleep
Dare sleep, and you may very well roast
Dare sleep, and you may very well die: soulless

Zoom in and be great
Get a grip and clear the smoke screen
The falsehood passed for childhood
Making the young thirst, the old bleed regret
So, remove panic, you never can know it all
But the book of eternal living is there for all
So no more blindness of mind
For the prince of skies has returned
Run and you might get caught empty
Fight and you might come out
with a thin thread called soul

*life, fin, Immortality

The Annoying Co-worker, a screenplay

Ahhlo there,

If the day be kind to you. Check out this screenplay I wrote.
What happens when a good friend keeps on bugging you daily with ignorant questions? a fight? a punch? click on this link and findaut THE ANNOYING CO-WORKER, a screenplay