SIMPLE WORLD: Summer in Saturn

“So, you’re telling me you have it?”

“Yes I do, every part of me holds it.”
“I can take you with me,”
“To where I found the answers”

“Then give it to me, take me there, I want it, I need it.”

The stars were bright and the showers poured down heavily with haste. The beautiful woman looked at him, staring at his face deep into his soul, as though she had finally found another to share her new found joy.

From her dripping wet hair, to her frivolous smile, she had captured his attention like no other. Struck with an arrow sent from an angel not cupid, he had been hit right on his throbbing heart. He had always protected his heart with anger and fear, but she had gotten hold of his passkeys, with which she had ignited a burning fire deep in his vessel vase flowing with red.

“Who was she?” he thought. She had appeared to him from nowhere telling him that he had nothing to lose in life.
They both sat on the red couch in quiescence, embracing each other, hands interlocked together. In this place, right then, these two souls had broken free from the hard lock of senses, and had found the land beyond love. What was to come? Neither knew. The journey of romance was spread down and the two lovers laid down in the bed of love.

All alone with his many talking machines, he was lost with the light that shined from all his acquired motherboards. Sounds of bits from his computers all crowded his mind; days after hours, he spent all the years stuck in his own time.
“He was in alone in peace,” he thought. “Away from the hatred”

“But all you have is a piece of this and that,” She said.
“You built a wall of moments.”
“I hold a fragment of time, though not much, I have much to give.”

“Can we do it right?” he asked.

“If we do, we’ll feel it, never stopping to ask if we did.” She replied

“I don’t want to be lost again”

“How can we know we’re lost, when we cannot turn back and see our own shadows?”
“Love, all we need is a time lost in magic.”

Holding On
Where most rocket engines fell apart, the ivory lady and the man in red blasted forward, reaching high up into the skies floating there amongst stars until they both reached the planet Saturn. The sound was absent there because, sound was too loud for one to conceive at a time such as they were in. Screeching to a stop; the flight they took was plummeting to a finale.

“It was the end for them,” some thought.
“How high can one truly go?”

“High enough to fall down flat, only to get back up and fly again,” the two replied both in a singular unison.
“We did it,” she smilingly said.

“Yes, we found the way beyond the land of red,” he replied.

This chapter might be irreversibly lost by alphabets and characters, but their dreams lived on even beyond the closure of books and vinyl cases. The light above the cloud blessed their souls with recurring dreams.

Lucky distances with spinning beginnings.
Out to break away into the light.


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