The Journey So Far

My feet never touched wooden ships

Yet, I flew high into the skies

Sitting parallel to the stress below

Was the illusion of balance gone?

The boy that once tasted red sand


The force destroyed created the feel of anger

I, now a man, seeking wealth found hate

Coated with faded reality

Dreaming of better days

When the rain still mattered

The bite of soldier ants

Scratching till the blisters redden

Times when the simple was never trouble

Days when shirts were stained with dirt

Moments when the catch of insects was fun


Now on this pavement, smiles sickened world

I search, hoping to remember

That success is less if found through gold

For I know, if I find joy in tender papers

Without purpose, or surplus in mind

I will rather, let the me die in this state

Laying in a grave

Bones gleaming white

Engraved with my once happiness

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