Nothing Can Stop You

Standing amongst the crowd
Distinguish yourself from the rest
Vibe and free your spirit
Hang up the bad talking
Naysayers lay waiting
For you to fall
Though they forget
Nothing can stop you from elevating to the skies

The world goes crumbling
But you go climbing
Time to make time
Cos karma lays awaiting
For you to grab
So kill it
Believe it
Cos nothing in this world
Can negate the good in you
Nothing in this fake world
Can shift the ground you stand on you
Believe it
Sing it
Nothing can stop you
You, yes you


  1. Interesting medley. If I sing it, I will surely kill it. Them. Horror. Aaliyah sang it, and they killed her.
    What “bad talking” though? Donkey? LMDO.

  2. do sing it. i would love to hear it. anyways the bad talking refers to negativity, sibling rivalry, talking without proper understanding.

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