Now you seek my ones while they’re young
Plastering their faces all over, palaces and places
Begging for things that never see the light of day
You call it charity, I call it one big fraud school,
I see you came with food and drinks
Still, you refuse to leave me immortality
That one tool I need to move further
Further into the rising of the sun

By the words of my dead ones
By the blood stains left on young sleeves
I swear to this life that holds me ransom to fight for soul
This life man has decided to use for deception
So I ask truthfully? Heart to heart, eye to eye, soul to soul
Where’s the house, that place meant for gathering?
It’s all gone, burnt down to the ground
Replaced with bellies bellowing for sugar
By the words of my voice, I swear
I refuse to bow down to your empty roar
Only people seasoned with days know the place
The place where the sheep goes to warn the rest about the wickedness of man
I refuse to hold true those beliefs of lies
Lies, you print in books, limiting my people’s mind
Yeah, it’s all true those lies you print, but
The time has come to celebrate our arising
We’re awakened, and we’re never holding back the truth

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