Last Words

As this ink pours
My blood drips through
Flowing with it, my voice
Filled with it, my passage of time
Substance of a prism of existence
Read these tablets and see a life lived
From the cries of the womb
To the cease of my breath
My star burns, shinning all greatness
My soul free, free to enjoy victory
The sun my source, gives me balance
My thirst quenched by the fountain of life
No dust, no sand

Suffering and empty bed sheets
Happiness and tempting neck bites
Darkness daily, heaven present
Fighting through waves of the sky
The evil the world sees as light
The tower of gold showing all the reflected ones

These are the words of the last slaves
Brave men that saw past bullets
Courage drank, the heat with it
Come to range and see the hook
That killer beginning, for as my
Ink drips, my existence though ended
has already begun: infinite shine

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