Hey, Life


I believe my dreams are real
Real enough to see me through to my tomorrow
Stars burn up, but
My love for you refuses to quench

Hey, Life
It’s true, I was made for you
You gave me a chance
I must return your kindness
For, I know how far I have come
Though, never further than you

Hey, Life
I heard what you said:
“Open your eyes and taste me”
Yes I heard
Soothing words, baby lullabies

Hey, Life
In the skies, in the clouds
In my heart, you remain
Choices have me looking wrong
Still you refuse to let me go
Answers never needed

Hey, Life
I grew in you
A spirit in a seed
Knowledge of your ways
has me enchanted of our beginnings
Pardon my circular ways,
but your love’s shining through: so bright
My muse for the night

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