A Sip

A price of beauty,
Enough to quench my thirst
An end to a circle of pain
Leaving behind a lie of goodbyes
Smiling for all
Yearning for just one
The price of beauty,
Enough to burn my soul
Only a sample
Maybe a twirl or a twist
Always feeling good
Going from the darkness in this world
To where a dying beauty lay
Where wary minds refuse to enter
The blessing of beauty
Enough to forget time

Back to Love

Crash till you bruise your soul
Plunge to the place you remember
A place you know too well
A place where you found no thread of hate
A time when all was not but lost
Dead to life
You only needed a touch, maybe a kiss
The hour struck
The tale of the lost heart finally found its cure
Bless all that blessed you with love

Untitled Topic

Guided by the waves
Tamed by the past
The short season rings louder by the night
The drum never ever ceases to fade
Whistling away till all is but dry
The queen of the night knows it all
Hesitate or persist
The bite will remain
Row and swing
The wave will eventually bring face
Then, who will carry your weight as you float down the gutter of gold and silver?
Serenity, hear me, hear us
As we choose not escape from the raindrops of deceit

A Nigerian in Diaspora

I traveled to America to seek a better life

I had many reasons, but money was my number one priority

The only way forward in this place is the color green

I know that the road to good life demands hard work

I know where I came from

I will not forget my father’s last name

Don’t blame me for having survival instincts

Because “I no come yankee chop beans.”