Special Light

Where is one’s mind when there is only a glass full of spring, placed on a ceramic counter ready for a ‘gulp’? I searched for the needed words, but the words where hard to find. I could write about the receding past, speak about the locked up stories, and fume about the rejected future, but the present times that I was in completely eluded me. There was a wall that I could not climb over. Even the hammer that I held in my hands had no effect when I tried breaking through that monstrosity that stood before me.

So I tried waiting in the calm evening hoping for the birds to fly down my way singing to me those words I had long sought. That did not work. I could not use love, it would have drowned and wasted my thoughts leaving me with an idle pen.

So again what must I find to revive my buried stories? The light that I had held onto for so long was dim and gradually fading even though the ‘ticked’ check on my shoes was made by a just do it company. So what more did I need. The heavens had already spoken bringing the morning to my relief and the sun had also played its part by blinding my eyes with this light, still my matters were unresolved. So what more can one do than hold onto this found light and hope to break this wall piece after piece?


  1. monijogarnet says:

    Wow, very deep. But I feel you. I am currently trying to break a monstrous wall at the moment and it just seems so huge and not giving way. As a Christian I’m using prayers and hard work to break down my walls. But its tiring. I’ll keep trying though, rather than taking the easy route and giving up. I cant afford to give up.Through this and other walls, I have grown stronger and realised that my best quality is perseverance. So, how would I have found that out without these walls. As the cliché goes, every thing happens for a reason. So thumb ups, I appreciate this piece.

  2. Hey there, all one can do is to keep at it and yes, everything for a reason; the reason you should it to be. Thanks for stopping by. Much Inspiration to you

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