Paid Stones

Money is key to unlocking power
It’s greed compressed in tongue bites
Suppressing any light that comes close by
Souls have no value, when the king reigns
Righteousness herself is lost in this crazy dance
Tossed around while wolves lick bones
Cry and cry but it will be heard as laughter
The lines have been crossed
The skin and its fellow marks
Now it’s a race full of rats
All biting up the ladder while the sugar pours from the cups of gold
It’s an eternity when we strive but are stricken with disease
Hopelessly forgotten, the age of paid stones
Take their brains out, drag out the wires
Turn on the switch,
What do you see?
Man or man-made?
Pull the paper out from your pockets
Read the lines and ask….
Glowing mouth, where’s your soul?”
Tell me, where’s your voice?”
I don’t want to even know what’s happened to your heart

Deeply Played


The game of rags and black water

Higher and much lower they go

Always seeking the tops of this and that

Flapping their dirt to those who dare to look

Always holding on onto vane vanity

Don’t we all?

They fear the fear of death

The truth keeps on missing its mark

Idolized Decadence

Paths full with shattered dreams

A requiem for the elected rich

Misery for the mass

A new day, we must seek

A new day, we must pray

A new day, I must write