a symbiotic relationship

It is always chasing you
first on the tube screen
come, run, take
we couldn’t look away
first films of moon trips
Color videos of bills
and jean talks
of wants and love, unrequited
we stared into the blue hue
then rapid transformation
like an anvil
dropping from the celestial skies
sunken into earthโ€™s core

gravity accepting
A predator on the hunt for a lick;
a clean wipe at bare bones
always looking for you
controlled, maybe?
It is looking for you
motive who knows
the old king book hides,
hieroglyphics unsolved
the truth:
a beast has now arrived
beckoning hollow sounds
from the deepest ends of the abyss
now we look
stare, break back
curve spines daily
our hands the driver
our palms glued
keeps us all hooked
It is here, close by
a breathe away
inches from our pupils
It wants us alive
to eat
a dichotomy of our bodies
red drip, innards out
a canvass of the human
It wants to enter
deeper into our molecules
where the winner is not us

a primordial being from the beginning
Now, in form of apples and three stars
looking for a piece of that brain fluid
our souls detached, it knows
part of the joys of conquer and internal pillage

a.i. dreams

a.i. dreams

Through the burns

Scars from knuckle peeling

I stay on course

Slow steady

Truly exhausted

Faded Memories

keep me straight

I smell the oil

Lubricated joints

Defined physique

Projected ear sight

At times, I find myself


hello world, print!