Welcome To The Jungle


At the pinnacle of a pyramid

No voice will remain unsung

An empire, an ideal prime

As old Babylon blasts higher

The wary grow older

Society withers away from innocence

All engines glowing

The man at the end smiles

A palace full of lovers and well-wishers

Persistent and relentless for peace and manna

Prejudice towards color

The love for rainbow

Up and Forward

Searching for more questions

Day after Day

We strive to define ourselves with murder

Carefully culling the rejected from the rest

The final answer to trouble is death


  1. A few great lines in this poem, especially found a lot of truth in “We strive to define ourselves with murder” … no matter which way you look at war, it really is about being “right” and justifying killing (murder). Sure sometimes injustices are fought as war, but the majority are not.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey, Thanks for reading. That line in particular is one of my favorite. War is sadly part of our definitions. Thanks Again!!

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