Ù rú èsé (Thank you)

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I just want to extend ‘a thank you’ to all my followers, blog visitors (who still refuse to follow me), and to those who don’t give a rat’s butt about my blog. A million thanks to everyone on here. Being in the presence of very talented writers and bloggers, I can proudly write, has definitely improved my peash-pash-pat writing. I now edit more, write more, I even read more (books and blogs) and lastly, I cook more, yeah I know, I do cook, so get over it because, you know who else can cook: chef Ramsey. I know I’m not as good as the high and mighty Sensei Ramsey, but give me some credit, I cook both African, and sometimes if I am not too broke I cook some delicious international delicacies. I bet that Ramsey guy doesn’t know Kunta about cooking African food, Kinte! I say. Why should he be able to cook African food, you might ask? Umm because he is a chef, and please don’t say I am ignorant, instead call me ‘awesomely ignant’.

Anyways that was a little bit off topic, but once again Thank you all, I plan to follow and read more WP writers and life adventurers (what the hell is adventurous about this war-ridden world) Anyhow, get ready for some likes ( and by likes I mean WordPress Likes) and comments.

Peace to everybody

Uyi gone

(No, I’m still here though, so yeah, I know chef Gordon Ramsey is cool and all, but sometimes he’s a complete ……..what’s the word……oh yeah……..a complete “……….” please don’t try counting the dots)

Random Random. As a kid living in Nigeria (or to be exact in societal terms; a third world country), one of my favorite action movies was Beverly hills cop. Eddie Murphy’s comedic delivery was first-class.

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