The 20/20 Experience: A brief review

Mr. West doesn't like you
Mr. West doesn’t like you

music challenge day 1

Just streamed the entirety of Justin Timberlake’s new album : The 20/20 Experience. Production wise, it is a fantastic experience, Mr.Timothy Mosley (Timbaland) puts in serious work into this classic piece (yes it’s a classic). From Justin’s matured vocals to Timbo’s well-layered beats, this album for now is Jt’s magnum opus. Those fans who loved Jt’s first album will absolutely love this album, same goes to those who favored Jt’s second album. There is plenty for ‘errybody’.

Asides all the praise, I can see why Mr. Kanye West is not particularly pleased with Suit and Tie, the well coated song seems to be the weakest link among the bunch.

Stand out song for now : Let the Groove Get In ( has that African vibe; maybe Malian, and a hint of Michael Jackson)

Pros: Production, Beats and Vocals

Cons: It should have been titled, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland Present : The 20/20 Experience


Music has no boundaries or tags

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