Light of the Land

What is heaven to you?

When you close your eyes?

What do you see?

I see peace in colors

I feel the breeze

I know God is speaking

Like the old Gold Coast

Nomads settled

In tribal beads

Future unknown

Yet praises touching the sky

Underneath, earth awakened early

Far from carnality

Technology in trees and birds

The sun telling time

Huts forming circle

Fire only a tool

Seeds sowing

Children harvesting

A heaven always close to my heart



Night after Day

At night, the soul comes out alive
Cool air, a breeze away
from the sun’s restless ways
Free to roam all alone
Wrapped round the stars
Waiting on nothing but patience

Interrupted by these vices
Familiar faces, accustomed smiles
Take what you need
This valley goes down deep
Take what you need
The world’s falling apart
Take what you need
But remember you can stop
Flee! away from this rat race

Awakened from behemoth dreams
Blurry trips and broken shields
Haunted, running
A race full of tremor sounds
Hearts audibles and cricket interludes
Awakened from this space
Jungle man and predator eyes
Hunting, hunted
A relief confirmed by my blood and sweat