the hunt

The ancient black wolf

Wrinkled muzzle,

teeth bared out


seeking a taste for another winter blood


A cursed demon lurks


behind tall white hovering angels

searching for the wolf

reeking of blood-hungry instincts

Night Caller

Awakened into life

Space boundless

Jupiter Dancing

Saturn raising red dust

Stars all clapping wishes

Burning of full energy

Reeking of vibrant peace

Distance attained

Differences only a memory

Views from a different world

Roaming plants only allowed

Far out, onto the yellow brick road

Wide awakened, still

Intact with the high plains

Down seems further beyond

Here, here

Only on these clouds

will I sing and jubilate

Nothing holding

So I must confess

Of joy and love

Yeah, nothing holding me

So I must confess

Of joy and endless love

The Same (SW)

Slow cut-offs

The walk alone

The shape of your smile

Glowing from the cloth of night


Heart teaser

It’s love like this

That makes a man fly back

To a place where your touch is absent


O, I thought you were gone

You said it yourself


But now,

Your shelf is full of orders written in my name


Never change

Change is no longer needed

Cos with you

It’s the same


Rain or starry stars

We the same

Remaining the one we once loved

People of the Night

At this hour
Those without sleep, still search
The day was unsuccessful,
So they wait quietly in the night
Without any rightful mission in mind
Some crave for sex in the darkness
Others crave for nothing in particular
Depriving themselves of sleep,
Only to lay down for a few hours,
And wake up miserable in the morning