Morning come

Money go



I had severe warnings

from childhood memories,

to the dealings of the world

Eyes bleeding

stoned by a friend

I had severe warnings

Money snatched

Tricked by another

Severe warnings

Life was singing to me

Calling in, ringing in

Refusing to listen

I plugged into aloof

Myself only

The world was me

Until it wasn’t

Another Lifetime

In my heart, I hear the beat

The final word

An end, I must tell you

Yet when I’m close

I have no words

to connect, to combine

My own fear, keeping me safe

I must assume

The hurt, the memories

Circumvents to a past story


The early rain, hail storm sweeping

drowned our young love

Before we picked up for safety

flood emergency!

Both swirling down into the dam


My eyes circling, spinning

never holding onto the truth

I move an inch

another false start

Lies, I tell you

Sweet bytes, you reply

Tell me more, I sing

Tell me many more, you harmonize

Healing we can attain

through body resistance

Heat perspiration, we agree

After friction, summer heat

Passages and ridges

Satisfaction never reaching the port

Another fight ensues


Now tell me how do we build back?

Our foundation rocked by passing air

I take account to my many bad ways

ways: cold and closed

Those parts I never gave out

Stuck, hoping I forget

though I must move on now

From this tale that ended too soon

Damaged Control

I asked for a piece of mind

You give trouble

Finding faults on every part of me

Crisis leading to full blown battles

Is this any semblance of love?

Or devil lust?

I seek peace

You give blood

Pain equalizing the suffering

All these you give freely

Leaving me dry to the bones

Empty without an outlet

Garden ridden with thorns

My skin stuck, red dripping

My hunger never filled

Rumblings and enzyme ruptures

You promised bliss

All I see is turbulence

Freedom, blocked by denial

That leap refusing my feet

My legs week from trekking

Roundabouts, circulating

Heart pumping out loud

Mind docile,

I sense mouse

Instincts missing

Will lacking

Energy depleted

Air snuffed

All I have is:

the curse and gift of loving

Both penned down onto my soul

Simple World: black balance

Random: at our core. We grow up understanding this basic principle of life. For example, the idea of power; Our tribe-culture understands the diversity of what the word brings but we don’t dwell on that bad knowledge in past tense form, we grow up seeing, speaking, dancing, feeling, eating with the two sides of power at equal lengths. The infiltration and desimation of our culture has broken that stability so much we stand fully with the yin, the controlled. The yang; uncontrollable side we have blindly left, that’s why I believe we are stuck in this revolving control system never accounting for the balance that will come. I think for our balance to scale back to the middle, we lots must face real time repercussions of dwelling in the yin for this long.

the hunt

The ancient black wolf

Wrinkled muzzle,

teeth bared out


seeking a taste for another winter blood


A cursed demon lurks


behind tall white hovering angels

searching for the wolf

reeking of blood-hungry instincts

Reflection and Reintroduction

Three Kings

Of different ages

Lineage stretching back to Anoha

No chains

No adages

No cowries

Streamed down by oral droplets

Spoken through mountain peaks

Through ridges and wide spaces

Marks, Spears, hair twisting

Fire, feet warming

Circle, from top of huts

Into cell molecules

Souls transfused through sight

Off beat, Offbeat

One and one

One plus two

One snap, pause

Then another

Three Kings

Stretching past the Nile

Blue necks, blue hair

Different centre

Same spirit

All three Searching for one answer

Her reply to their quest