Morning come

Money go



I had severe warnings

from childhood memories,

to the dealings of the world

Eyes bleeding

stoned by a friend

I had severe warnings

Money snatched

Tricked by another

Severe warnings

Life was singing to me

Calling in, ringing in

Refusing to listen

I plugged into aloof

Myself only

The world was me

Until it wasn’t


Around the city

The noise of celebration

Looting! some call it

I don’t care

We’re here

Standing on bricks

We’re here

Concocting smoke bombs

Dazy sights, throat coughed up

We are here




through the confusion

of this new age:

pilling old constricted adages

down, on and over our souls

Beyond skin

Finding love in different eras

To be free from the within

Finally after so long

Yeah! at night like this

The moon runs into hiding

The wind, effortlessly brave

Soothing with ambition

finds the well: infinite

And the Youth will drink

To forge a new voice

bringing all out from extinction

Time Moves Slow

From a tree

A leave runs away

Leaving some green behind

In loving all roots,

sure feels like getting stuck

Submerged between two branches

Confused to pick one

Two bites that both heal

In loving two

I am left alone to decide

A coward’s dilemma

Who to pick?

To whom do my love belong to?

Moving slow like morning dew

Settled and nowhere to go

Before the sun comes through

I just want to love

Dance slowly, before I am wiped away

Sand, Shells and Red Corals

Clusters of distant souls

All bright shinning

Star light years ahead

Retelling existence

Origins beyond books

Crystal bells ringing

Adding to the hue

of sparkling red

Blue waters, mesmerizing 

Ancient tales told in energy

Sang by the angels of Osanouba

Holders of the beginning 

Creators of the ends of time

by the fire

swam across
into a deep well
Mushrooms for color
Black and white sight
Men and women
Red and spades
By the fire
I see them
United under black clouds
I see them
Brown skin splashing with fire
Shinning pure gold
Spinning wheels
I see them
Round round
I circle through time
Burning bush
Plants for breathing
Through the lands
I see my fathers people
By the fire
Wrapped comfortably by blue

Falling Stars

Distances attained, now wasted, thrown away into the bin
Two stars both failing to fully converge
It shatters apart; the life-time present,
It runs away from their grasp
So up high, these two go back to their starting points
Two stars, two souls meant to be one
But apart they remain, stretched far across the galaxy
Each alone, with a memory of what it would have been
Memories are the only dreams they have left

Two stars, two souls apart, divided by the night of space
Apart they burn, without love, they are lost
Both burning fast, both hastening the fall that is to come
So with much haste they shine
The fire that burnt must burn to cut ropes that keep these two stars apart
Burn it does, past the days of when these two could only dream
It must burn well until life itself had been replenished,
Then will the fire cease and lovers reunite
And if by chance, on that night, your gaze rests on the sky
Look closely and watch as these two stars both come falling down to earth
Back to life, they crash
Spiraling their souls take form, reuniting
Combusting into love flames, shedding away heavenly skins
If you put ears to the sky during when these two stars fall onto soil
You’ll hear the cries from their souls, born afresh
Two souls brought back into life, two stars shinning bright on earth

Through Time


I feel like I was born in the days of old
Days of old, times of blue smoke
Skies with colors
Humans with terror
Selling souls, market things
I feel like I was a man, sitting by the road
With a placard saying, “bring back my soul”
Horses galloping by, dust blinding eyes

I feel like an incarnation of a past prophet
One with a robe marred with blood
Back from the aftermath of a beat down
Knowing all I did was to tell what I saw
Walking in the night
With a tobacco in hand
A flask full of water
Wishing my tongue had never existed

I feel like I met an angel by the stream
Her hair black with the sun
Her eyes sparkling as the moon
Music flowing as her mouth opens up
She, turning the wheels of life
Around her hands go
Humanity lost deep down in the well

I am a man of many days, I know
Of age and full with youth
Divided but ever growing
I walk through time
With a vision of both
I am here
With a voice of the way
The wind as my theme
I am the child of earth
To be eternal
I will keep the pace
Till I revisit the angel by the stream