Falling Stars

Distances attained, now wasted, thrown away into the bin
Two stars both failing to fully converge
It shatters apart; the life-time present,
It runs away from their grasp
So up high, these two go back to their starting points
Two stars, two souls meant to be one
But apart they remain, stretched far across the galaxy
Each alone, with a memory of what it would have been
Memories are the only dreams they have left

Two stars, two souls apart, divided by the night of space
Apart they burn, without love, they are lost
Both burning fast, both hastening the fall that is to come
So with much haste they shine
The fire that burnt must burn to cut ropes that keep these two stars apart
Burn it does, past the days of when these two could only dream
It must burn well until life itself had been replenished,
Then will the fire cease and lovers reunite
And if by chance, on that night, your gaze rests on the sky
Look closely and watch as these two stars both come falling down to earth
Back to life, they crash
Spiraling their souls take form, reuniting
Combusting into love flames, shedding away heavenly skins
If you put ears to the sky during when these two stars fall onto soil
You’ll hear the cries from their souls, born afresh
Two souls brought back into life, two stars shinning bright on earth

I Mind

Show me your fears
I mind the troubles
As I fumble
Through your waves
It’s clear, it’s hazy
Roaring, you’re breaking
Disconnecting from the world
Disenchanting, your fairy tale is over
Crack a bone, and feel the pain
A lick will do
Right on the naval base
Frequency acquired
Currency entitled
Evenly so tender
We’re peaking
Tickling with our hands
Down, up
We’re working our bodies
Making a feast
Riding with the pace
Slowly it’s dissolving
Our hearts, burning
Into a melt down
Forcing, entering
I’m diluting your mind
With my sweet sweet tongue
So show me your hands
And I’ll give you a good long bite