Langa la la soul (Chants of the Voice)

sitting duck
sitting duck

Victorious, so we dream
In the shades of day
On the quest to remember
Hoping to acquire sense
Ridding the distaste from our tongues
Dictating the walk of our lives
We must turn the clock back
And see our demise
To propel, we must learn from the book
The survival guide that holds the message
No matter how much you vex
A tale has already been written in those lines

We have travelled for so long
The feet is tired, our throats are thirsty
Why? Because
We have already arrived
To the land of long term mentality

Through Time


I feel like I was born in the days of old
Days of old, times of blue smoke
Skies with colors
Humans with terror
Selling souls, market things
I feel like I was a man, sitting by the road
With a placard saying, “bring back my soul”
Horses galloping by, dust blinding eyes

I feel like an incarnation of a past prophet
One with a robe marred with blood
Back from the aftermath of a beat down
Knowing all I did was to tell what I saw
Walking in the night
With a tobacco in hand
A flask full of water
Wishing my tongue had never existed

I feel like I met an angel by the stream
Her hair black with the sun
Her eyes sparkling as the moon
Music flowing as her mouth opens up
She, turning the wheels of life
Around her hands go
Humanity lost deep down in the well

I am a man of many days, I know
Of age and full with youth
Divided but ever growing
I walk through time
With a vision of both
I am here
With a voice of the way
The wind as my theme
I am the child of earth
To be eternal
I will keep the pace
Till I revisit the angel by the stream


My search for a proper (proper meaning not expensive) DSLR camera is almost over. I did some research, and I found the Canon 7D to be a bit more vibrant than the Nikon D7000. From my research, it seems the Nikon D7000 is preferred in Asia because, of the non-vibrant aspect. The image quality of the Nikon D7000 seems to be ‘hard hitting’ in my own eyes; less happy times more brutal reality. Vibrant Vs Reality. I do understand the concept that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I think i might pick up the Nikon D7000 (maybe with a 50mm lens) Nikon D7000 seems to fit my current theme; Hard hitting reality. Anyways what do I know?

Now I just have to get a job, work hard and of course save up.

Any Suggestions or recommendations, please leave a comment down below.


Peace to your Agbada


I can’t wait  to get me a cheap fairly good DSLR camera, so I can take photos, videos and hopefully make short very short films with zero to a minus negative budget . Any recommendations? Good deals? Good cost effective DSLR cameras? for Beginners? HELP?  

Note: I’m currently a college student, and for some unknown reason my wallet hates flashy expensive things