Around the city

The noise of celebration

Looting! some call it

I don’t care

We’re here

Standing on bricks

We’re here

Concocting smoke bombs

Dazy sights, throat coughed up

We are here




through the confusion

of this new age:

pilling old constricted adages

down, on and over our souls

Beyond skin

Finding love in different eras

To be free from the within

Finally after so long

Yeah! at night like this

The moon runs into hiding

The wind, effortlessly brave

Soothing with ambition

finds the well: infinite

And the Youth will drink

To forge a new voice

bringing all out from extinction

five days of peace

out of control

out of mind

don’t matter

high in spirit

less with secrets

got my sleeves rolled

scars and blunts


paper all through the streets

got my head right

focused like a deer

head light, never missing

always stretching


traits of a winner

always polished, flying

even without kiwi wings

black against the sun

one with all


Peace Go With You

As we go through the struggles of life
Let’s journey with peace by our side
Though we may become the struggle
Let’s light up that genuine hope
That one substance, that one sustenance
That gives bread and balance
Even when life shakes
Even when argument ensues
Even when turmoil is spread
Live in peace, give out peace
Mistakes are made, no doubt
But brother, lay down your battle axe
And flow with the rivers leading back home

I am the star, the sign that reads: free
To live in peace, I am the voice I need
So I say, rivers of my father
Take me home to the place of rest
To the place where I may regain strength

dream on, dream well

My hands are red
With wine, and some squashed juice
My field is looped in depth
The world; round and square
Twisting and forming vibes
Reeling around, cube-like
The hurt from smoke
Found and lost, inhaling the taste
Then another puff
The world; fiery and spicy
Always giving back what I had sowed

Is there a heaven? I asked
For my peace is my heaven within
My end from the shouts of life

Is there a place called hell? I asked
For the earth is full of blood
Thinking back, the start of life
Brought me here, to the sand on ground

My destiny began as I held onto life
My cries confirmed the tales I had been told
So the stethoscope man spanked
Correcting me, cutting the cords that connected me
To a time when eyes were closed
And souls roamed sky, deep beyond the clouds

Is there an earth? I asked
Where living is full of peace
Far into green, away from greed
Am I there yet?
There where I can be free

For I am a soul
Born of sin, freed from chains
But why does the bondage of blood
Swell in the eyes I see?

So I reply, I say to myself
Dream on, dream well
For the life before now is at hand
Near to touch, un-afraid to grasp
A place where confusion is only a lost word

We are but spirits
Destined to cut loose from body
Back to a stagnant time
Where running is never desperate
To a place where the kingdom of tranquility awaits.

you’ll never find another until you find yourself – common