Inside Our Love

Cake present, I received

I dipped first, hand full

Velvet taste, wine feeling

Plunge, a message full of liquid

Separation, a meal full

eaten to the point

her eyes completing the act

asking for continuation

Sing my language

letters and stars twisting

Following every interval with morning dew

All set, back and forth

The long trip we start

the end, many routes


We give our all to the one

Every angle, shadows never lurking

We share the good and bad

the rights, the after kiss

Warm from the brimstone

On and off

We continue our ride,

engage the initial gear

Of love and fever

When the temperature rises

We sing high

and jump in motion

never stalling

full on collision

Nobody else we can share


ourselves to the full

It is There

Write what you know

All that you learnt

You drop

Extra weight, unneeded

Now you are here

The lines don’t drag

I see lineage

In tongue, skin, dance

Leaves, water

Oral songs

passed through generations

Clear history

One never pondering

One accepting

Stretch out your hands

and keep going

Beyond Star lights and Destiny Fields

Murder, murder

Slaughter for the keeps

Sheep in wolves clothing

Casting shadows amongst the rest

Wisdom drank only after the demise

Too long to bring peace past destruction

Give and take

Life first

Although, now the other


always swapping

Lesson scribbled,

somehow showing balance


Murder, murder

Burn them all down

Cows fed milk

Humans fed by prices

Numbers showing souls

Phones bending spines

Spirits being snapped out


Breathe now

To live longer and fulfill,

beyond star lights and destiny fields


five days of peace

out of control

out of mind

don’t matter

high in spirit

less with secrets

got my sleeves rolled

scars and blunts


paper all through the streets

got my head right

focused like a deer

head light, never missing

always stretching


traits of a winner

always polished, flying

even without kiwi wings

black against the sun

one with all


daylight transitions

Turn the tunez on
I seek only you
See you when the sun come down
Your body on mine
Left your man for me
Yeah, yeah
Now you’re all mine
Yeah, i cant sweat it
All by ourselves
Our world created
Afternoon marathons
Shapes we cant pronounce
Movements made
Yoga or not
We both carved
Serene under the evening skies
Grinding till the night covers all
Yeah, us two
Too far gone
Stairways to bliss
Crossing over
Heated air
Clustered, merged
Lips, hands, thighs
I drive, you drive
Beamer outside
Skyline reaching
Spaceships, stars bright
The rounds of sweet life
Fruits we both can bite
Times we both call precious
Forth into static gazing

2am // moments

Nights like this
Neon light dimmed right
Gets me thinkin of you
Yeah you dressed in sun flower
Yeah i remember us
That night you danced on me
Yeah i remember your body
The way your hips moved, swayed
Spoke to me without even moving your lips
I know, i know
I never called you
Never reached you
Never drove to you
Yeah that, but i keep missing you
We were lovers that never kissed
Yeah my loss, you said
My loss but i cant stop hoping
Believing I’ll get you back
Yeah i see the new guy
Yeah but tell me who holds your heart?
Who mine?
Who saw you beyond that smile
The way i wrote my heart down for you
Yeah nights like this
Always hit me hard
Yeah no other but you
Got me writing to you
And, i hope you see this
So, you know a piece of me i never showed

Tell Me a Tale

Plane dropped on the ground
From the north side of the sea
It rose, and like a bird, it flew
Soaring, wings spread out

Impossible I know, but mama
I just might be flying
Rising with the winds
Open the windows, and it’s all blue
I’m high, so high

Plane dropped on the ground
From the north side of the sea
It rose, and like a bird, it flew
Soaring, wings spread out

Impossible I know, but mama
I’m with the clouds
So rest those wary shoulders
And sing along with this tale I’m about to tell

Things Thrown Away

When things are thrown away
They travel down through the Nile
With fishes and fallen leaves
Past the crying baby
Floating, as the basket goes empty

Eagle heart, woven time
Eagle heart, woven time
Crying Moses, crying Moses
Lay your troubles
with the streams and drunken leaves

When things are thrown away
They lay eternal
So much alone
Drunken with falling dew
Laying eternal, laying eternal

Eagle heart, woven time
Eagle heart, woven time
Crying baby, baby Moses
Lay your troubles
Down onto the flowing stream

away with you

Sweet sweet morning

Month of rainfall

Now we’re awake

Smooth caramel, crushed almonds


We can escape the sun

And run through the coming

Of night

Higher goes your heart

Beating, heaving


To the sky, bright blue

Burning in sapphire fire


Making sweet jams

Recording moments

Love scenes


Throwing clothes

Primal art, they call it

I say it’s just the two of us


The higher we rise

The softer your lips gets

So I must return to your heart

To find the road of red


Wait, before we crave the taste of peaches

Let’s burn the candle bright

Because, the dew has become the moth

Over over

Never quite ending

Touch that brings solace

Mama lullabies

Witness the sweetness


Never quite ending

Living we are

Scratching our past mistakes

Over my loose shoulders


Over, never quite

Over the post


Bring your hands over here

Cruise with me

Let’s crush that blue blue


Who that we are

Cease till we exist

Full embrace

Never over, babe