Beyond Star lights and Destiny Fields

Murder, murder

Slaughter for the keeps

Sheep in wolves clothing

Casting shadows amongst the rest

Wisdom drank only after the demise

Too long to bring peace past destruction

Give and take

Life first

Although, now the other


always swapping

Lesson scribbled,

somehow showing balance


Murder, murder

Burn them all down

Cows fed milk

Humans fed by prices

Numbers showing souls

Phones bending spines

Spirits being snapped out


Breathe now

To live longer and fulfill,

beyond star lights and destiny fields


Starting Point

Your shuttle’s about to combust
With your space suit still intact, you jet out
Leaving behind a tube of capsule
High into the stars
You float amongst the debris pile
Oxygen drastically depleting
Your lungs begin to change
As you stay stagnant
You see the whole world: earth
In its epic and lavished blue
You salivate, but the water’s down below
Now you know even from far across
The vices of the world will
Fight to bring you back down
Thoughts begin to fade
Memories flashing by, death whispering
You see your future and its pure blank
Yes, it is time
So with galactic honor
I welcome you back
To the starting point of your very existence

Forest Nativity

It just started
I mean the late nights
The party of dark lights
Dances of rhythmic balance
The twists of hips, the girls on feet
Explode with soul
Moving, jiving to the sound of vibes
Dark they may seem
Thick it might feel
Power of the night
The party, I mean

As they move, the kick starts
The soft bites sinks, the love ink drips
The kiss begins, the clothes on ground
Our backs on floor, our skin enclosed
The cries out loud, freedom from the out-word
Even though for a moment
Our spirits are aligned in joy

So right, raging in circles
Smiling and ticking
Till the moon drops
And the darkness tears away
Leaving thoughts for feel
Fleeing the scene, making room
For the souls of functions
The scent of secluded seductions
Some shapes of circulating forms
The taste for formulating lips
A feel of overflowing streams
Grabbing, touching firm whole points
Dreams of inhabited passages
All in the forest of our nativity

Rage baby, rage

Red Eye

The yellow from the sun
Had its own working ways
Burning skin, heating mind
Slapping hard to make sense
Of my incoming demise, so I rose
Full with my own words
A letter the preacher never had
That I had found,
Down in my pockets
With a pen, I brought to life
All I was to be
Red eyes, travel bound
While standing here
I had moved a thousand miles more
More than the planes could carry
Pass me the red eye
So I may see more clearly
Brighter than day
Thicker than the depths of night
Balanced to stand on plain sky
Elevating to meet the people of the sun
So please, pass me the red eyes of light.