Forest Nativity

It just started
I mean the late nights
The party of dark lights
Dances of rhythmic balance
The twists of hips, the girls on feet
Explode with soul
Moving, jiving to the sound of vibes
Dark they may seem
Thick it might feel
Power of the night
The party, I mean

As they move, the kick starts
The soft bites sinks, the love ink drips
The kiss begins, the clothes on ground
Our backs on floor, our skin enclosed
The cries out loud, freedom from the out-word
Even though for a moment
Our spirits are aligned in joy

So right, raging in circles
Smiling and ticking
Till the moon drops
And the darkness tears away
Leaving thoughts for feel
Fleeing the scene, making room
For the souls of functions
The scent of secluded seductions
Some shapes of circulating forms
The taste for formulating lips
A feel of overflowing streams
Grabbing, touching firm whole points
Dreams of inhabited passages
All in the forest of our nativity

Rage baby, rage


  1. Talicha J. says:

    Wow, nice piece! I enjoyed this one 🙂

    1. hey, thanks. Glad you did. May the night find you well 🙂

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