Red Eye

The yellow from the sun
Had its own working ways
Burning skin, heating mind
Slapping hard to make sense
Of my incoming demise, so I rose
Full with my own words
A letter the preacher never had
That I had found,
Down in my pockets
With a pen, I brought to life
All I was to be
Red eyes, travel bound
While standing here
I had moved a thousand miles more
More than the planes could carry
Pass me the red eye
So I may see more clearly
Brighter than day
Thicker than the depths of night
Balanced to stand on plain sky
Elevating to meet the people of the sun
So please, pass me the red eyes of light.

Simple World: After the Rain Edition


The night was here with the rain from the early morning. There was nothing but the drips of cloudy waters and the occasional tweets from a settling bird. Looking now, I knew the next chapter to my life was here; the wash away of my earlier mistakes. Looking forward, I had no idea of what the aftermath of the rain would be like or feel like. But this rain had the wind blowing nicely. It had me silent, thinking about all there was to come. Would the sun in the morning bring all my needed answers?
I wouldn’t know, I couldn’t.
The feel of this weather was all I cared for. It was my moment to sit and reflect of the coming times. To watch and hope the sun would later show; full blaze. With my shoes wet, I hummed the words of Mr. Marvin Gaye: “flying high in the friendly sky, without ever leavin’ the ground”. I sang it knowing there was no longer any sign of friendlessness in this world. Regardless, I enjoyed the wetness that fell from the starry blank sky.

The Path to Free Things

These diamonds are free, the sign says
Working all day, thinking the sweat is enough
Smelling sick, mind pouring heat
Souls working hard, grind going long
Great wisdom driving through these holes
The caves, dead dreams
Lost dreams, are they not?

Next in line to wash these dirty dirt
Lord, drive away these peeping peps
Lord, these veins go through
Striking cords, hustle underneath
Hearty hearts, rotten food
Roasting beef, guess the axe goes deep
Crying for relief, blurry vision
Burning so long till the return of eternity
Eternity that speaks blackie black smoke
Signs that says, “Bury of all them coals”.
Another outlaw story without love
Bound to never be understood
But the mind reaches out saying,
“These diamonds don’t come cheap”

Yeah, yes
Already tanned, forever stained
Folded bodies, bundled power
Lower goes the number
Higher goes the saying
“Brother, brother
Ain’t we brothers no more?”

let the love die

Our distance closed

The aisle burning

The chapters folding


Building up to a crescendo of emptiness

Structures forming, residing sunshine


Filming moments of yesterday

A scene played too soon

A method of acting, they call it


Can we go back?

To when it felt right

When all we did was dance

Pouring laughter, lashing anger

Raw and free

Lucky ludo


Though we had shelter

The hunger we had

Was lost in the showers of monsoon


Heat to skin, lips to cheek

Breast to chest, hands to bare ass


The clear signs became dust

An end to us

Hearty emoticons to us


Right here in the dark

Mingling legs, scratching toes

Hoping the love never died in the theatre of dreams


So I guess it’s just another

Unresolved face to face

So fade babe,


Let the love die