It is There

Write what you know

All that you learnt

You drop

Extra weight, unneeded

Now you are here

The lines don’t drag

I see lineage

In tongue, skin, dance

Leaves, water

Oral songs

passed through generations

Clear history

One never pondering

One accepting

Stretch out your hands

and keep going

Go Down There

As the river Nile floats
Go down way to Egypt
The slashes stay on skin
Oppressed till the coming of night
Years hunched over on their backs

Go down way to Egypt
As the river Nile floats peacefully
Watch pharaoh gaze over his place
His beard pointed, his gaze piercing

Oh Moses, oh Moses
Come out and arise
The set time has arrived
The time to uplift your people
Has been christened by the blood of your father
Have no more misery, drink no more sadness
For onto pain, courage and hope are born

Go down, way down
Through the river Nile
Go down, way down there
And hasten to your people’s voice