away with you

Sweet sweet morning

Month of rainfall

Now we’re awake

Smooth caramel, crushed almonds


We can escape the sun

And run through the coming

Of night

Higher goes your heart

Beating, heaving


To the sky, bright blue

Burning in sapphire fire


Making sweet jams

Recording moments

Love scenes


Throwing clothes

Primal art, they call it

I say it’s just the two of us


The higher we rise

The softer your lips gets

So I must return to your heart

To find the road of red


Wait, before we crave the taste of peaches

Let’s burn the candle bright

Because, the dew has become the moth


  1. I hope you are working on a book you should be, a collection of African poems. This one is stunning. Let me know when you have your book out.

  2. Not really, I am thinking of doing that, but I have no idea on how to start with the publishing mata and all. But i’ll be doing some research on it, if you have any info, can you please email me Thanks

  3. You could start with designing something and then follow publisher blogs, they have so much information to share. I have not been down that road yet, you could also self publish by creating an ebook and selling it on Amazon. Three blogs that I follow good information for writers by Jeff Goins
    The Write practice /by Joe bunting.
    They may have leads to publishers etc also think about submitting your poems to literary magazines thats always a good start.
    Good luck
    subscribe to the top blogs on publishing and you will find your way.

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