Fathers of the Beautyful Ones

Easy to find the bad in people

Harder to point a good spot in the dirt

The land rummaged with vile and hurt

Misunderstanding turning into battle wounds

Mistakes forgotten

Forgiveness never asked

Hoping for acceptance

Souls all caught in a web

Spiral, when we dance

In a bottle, Gulliver’s romance

Sun color, fake blinding

Tell me more

These walls do speak

Of my history

Of Badagry

Right from the ledge

into wooden moving houses


the cleaner spots

I refused

Easier to continue

Hence, I’ll stop

In the tradition of forever

I seek and keep on

Black skin under the catacombs

Souls buried within encrusted diamonds

On foreign fingers and border necks

To further and protect?

Maybe! Until the day comes

when the beautiful ones are finally born


I look at her eyes
Though she wears a glass
Through it I see her voice, her essence
That eternal touch
Subtle yet buoyant with love

As the white light bulb
places its rays on her face
Her glow picks up pace
And I’m left struck with a question
How can one as beautiful as her
keep getting more and more
enchanting by the ever growing second?

But with rapid blue, I realize
Hers is an infinite beauty
Full of combusting stars
All diamonds as they glide down
onto a bed of morning roses
Sparkles they are, effortless with grace
Showing all, that with beauty comes no time limit

Black and Mild

Girl of dreams
Bold from heart
Words you say
Full with pride
Afar I stare
As you remain standing
All by yourself
Talk, speak
Break the truce
Let’s make sounds
As you guide me

Good heart, smart ways
Girl of dreams, woman of pride
Heavy with soul, subtle moves
The price of beauty
Wear it, hold it
And show me how
Precious a diamond can be

Night of Fire

Finite bond
Born blues
Foul night
Bond blues
Surfacing at the break of interlude

Tough to break
The cloth of love
Never ending the tale of heart break

Foul night
Bond blues

Thrift searching
Hands holding
Nakedness uncovered
Asking “do you see my beauty”

Beauty I saw
Staring at her
She, flowing with sweet sweet

Foul night
Born blue