The Noon of our Lives

The calm breeze was smooth
Sailing through the rolled-down window
With the back of my eyes I saw her
As she stepped out
With a dress made of red
Smile made from rose
Pupils made of Ivory
Hey, she said
Let’s go to the moon
Coast to coast
East to west
Failing down, flying with clouds
Let’s go away from here
And kiss in air
Forever floating
In the sky, away from here
Hey you, she said
C’mon let’s go boy
Come with me
Quiescence as we sail
Low into the blue
Basking in the light
Sweet, rolling with the birds
High above all
Away from all
Just us in our time
Let’s get and give love
Above all
The breeze was calm
Smooth as it should be
So I said
Baby, baby
Lady of the night
Let’s ride and make it
Through the pouring night
High into clouds
Far away from all
Cos with you, time is nothing

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