Wilderness of Freedom

Wilderness of Freedom1
Feel the waves
Hid to the breeze of now
Swing with the rolls of drums
Hitting bass, salivating soul
The deserting flowing sand
Knowing time’s running
So vibe with me
Travel into my reprise
Back again, free from a former life
The chase was long and
The bridge was cold
Closed, but under it I slept
Waiting, sleeping
Hoping to awake
And speak of my nights
Here I am, back from the cold days
Heated with fire
With a breath of fresh air
I am here, free from shackles

My voice is strong
For the people with me
I am legal, ready to ride with life
For the ones who broke bread
And made it into life
Bringing me light and shower
I am here, with a liquor of soldiers
I am here, to touch souls
To clear minds
Brushing my shine, bringing the hope
To the people who breed me with love
I am here, recognized with the sky
Reconciled with my past
I am here to live my time
Riding on the streets of my people

My people see the sun
Without fear of honor, they hold
A generation of rebels
Masked with red and truth
Their turn to move earth
I am here to speak louder
Fuller than ever before
The notes I write
Will rid the shame my people sing
For too long, shedding tears of their struggles
I am here to cleanse my wrongs
The days are here
To take back of our lives
Snatch back our pride
And head back into the night of the earth


  1. So vibe with you? You do not have to tell me twice. Great work. Love the face in the cloud. Be well. Peace.

    1. Lol, thanks for vibing with me. I will. Peace to you as well.

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