Simple World: Forgotten Black xxStory

Red Foundations

To vibe with this piece, you may have to recollect with the blackness of earth
The first line speaks of those who have oppressed our people for too long
So keep your eyes on the price, and read these lines
We are destined for greatness, we only have to choose the eyes of light
Awaken from the slumber called greed
Arise and see the buffalo soldier: laying, waiting, hoping, to reunite with us
Victory worn, forever begins.

They don’t give a fork-sheet about you. You think they do, but their smiles only hides their worn out pretense. You are alone (united in black) in this world, the cold is there, and so is the heat. Are you willing to lay down your life for another man? Are you willing to not exist? Fear no man, only God. For man is full with lies and deceit. So why fear imperfection knowing perfection is beyond this earthly ground?

Greatness is your name. Your destiny is painted with butter and gold. Don’t stare at it for too long. The ground glitters but the future awaits ahead if you would only look past the mirage. I know the desert is hot and painful, but there is water, so just hang on a little while longer.

“Only black people can save black people.” Do these lines lie? Engage with me and tell me otherwise. They claimed to help us with tender and tweaked ideals. With strapped gold watches they came, fooling the greedy minds. But remember we had gold, and plenty of diamonds even before their arrival. Okay I see we wanted other things; the taste for survival. Ok I see.

We wore earth, smoked herbs, cooked greens, and spoke tales of soul. We are the final product mama earth produced; black and unscripted. Baba Kuti once said “remember we were kings, back in the day.” So I’m here with a drink in hand, thinking, “What happened? How come we forgot? It seems like we were brainwashed.”

We hungrily crave for any information about their lands (look at twirra, or the web), but trust me, there is nothing there. I don’t even need your trust, just ask yourself why your history is irrelevant in the world of academic platforms.

When we love, we love without shape or surprises. But with a kiss on ear they came, staring long and hard at our blackened black water (yeah blackened black SB). I agree we wore greed, but their greed had been heightened with their quest for survival, so with a vengeance they pounced on our receptive ways.

Sad, how we let them rid us of our ways, placing their beliefs and sarcastic motives upon on us. Just look at me, I speak their tongue, and I even write in their arrogant ways. But even with it, we excel and surpass their blank expectations they have of the black person.

I have no cure. At least not yet. I do have a goal which is to write our history, the one they erased and stole. So vibe with me, forget hate or envy, we are on this road together. There is no reason for spite, so let’s vibe and bond propelling our generation to where it should be.
Our balance is gone, but the challenge is on


  1. So vibe with you? I guess you did have to tell me twice. Lol. Peace.

    1. Lol Vibe has to be one of my favorite words. Thanks for reading and thanks for that retweet. I saw that, Peace

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