Simple World: Paranoia Edition


The demon of fear is lurking behind the glass, waiting to testify to your bad deeds. The chase begins with you running searching for freedom. The crown you wear falls on ground and you’re left to pick up the pieces. The moon still shinning with red confirms your lies, those truth you twisted into beliefs. The water will not cleanse of your sins, unless you look down deep into it seeing who you are destined to be. Seeing your face, human formed, brings back all those forgotten memories. As you preserve further the night drags longer leaving you with a thirst for the morning
So I say fight them. Tear those walls till your heart is free of comprise: the one you were born with. Why do you think we exist? To sulk? Nah. I think we live with life to represent a perfect state.
Best friends become your enemies compounding and adding to your disbelief that you have of life.
Again I say fight. For to be great is to be break free from lies and deceit. History is there, I know, but I only wish to know of it to progress forward.
The moon still shinning red, dripping blood awaits for those asleep to awake.
The world is fucked up, like a teacher passing greed for education. We continue partake in the commercial of plasticity failing to see demise of our given longevity. The struggle of life is a pain no one but life can teach. So watch it, admire it and watch the red moon disappear along with your history of prevalent paranoia
Puke dirt
And thirst greatness.

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