Promised Land

For seasons, days and nights
They walked through the desert
With heat killing heart
Kings with plants and dust as clothes
Clouds high above
With a vessel leading the way
Their hope was to arrive
But along the way
Some lost their eyes
Pursuing the ways of gold
Others left with a head
Snatched away to a distant road
One filled with vengeful snakes
Where the beast of the sand roamed
Despair, confusing all around
The vessel seeing all
Left the people
To seek guidance
Generations passed still no sight
So the people made names and called things life
Blood spilling, sibling killing
The truth became a fable
Hundreds and more moons past
And the darkened had seen enough
With heaviness on back they dropped their bags
And laid on the ground
Hoping to find sleep
In the desert flowing with milk
They rest, we rest
Waiting foolishly for the vessel to return
Forgetting the vessel had become a gift
As we breathe, we excel
We must remember the dust that our fathers wore
And mothers sang about
Wake up! Sleeping sons of Jacob
Awaken the giant in you
The spirit destined for greatness
Leave the bitter twisted books
And walk back onto to the land of promise


  1. samuyipharm says:

    A poetic presentation of the Israelites journey in the wilderness. Right?

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