Walking paths, sleeping eyes
Lives roaming through without looking out
Suits fooling all about the essence of confidence
Lies when they speak
Courage is being true to yourself
Saying what’s on your soul
Tears or laughter, it’s that essence that rids fear
The fear to say who you are
I am here, for my mistakes are apparent
I am he, for my deeds are full with dirt
But through the gifts given to me
I will turn my hell into a place of living rest
A place where my child can lay head for the night

Forget fear, young ones
Drink it and grow in strength
Danger lurks, but lurks, it does only
Never leaving the shadow
You see, away it is
But you are here
Flesh on bones
Energy embodied
Life awakened
Sound composed
Tasting all things made of life

Child, my forthcoming soul
Though the earth has yet to feel your spirit
I see you, you see me
The better version of me
I see you, you see me
As I make ways for you
I will give you food to eat
So you may do the same for your own

Never leave your voice for others to steal
For the bite of sin is sweet, easy to follow
But the pain afterwards is everlasting
You might learn, but how soon though?
Not until you crash and burn
The skies forbid!
Years become seconds
Friends become munchers
Lies become truth(s)
But that’s what happens
When the cloud hides the rain
Saving the drops for the perfect day
Dragging the drops from the left to the right
It moves around making the sun seem far
Then the doom comes down with full rage
Tearing away your soul
So what good was it?
That one bite that could have never happened
That one lip, that one kiss, that one temptress
Those full grown breasts, those round luscious hips
Those thick thighs made from the forest of nativity

Ah! I rest my voice
For talk is meaningless without a dose of movement

So sleep tonight,
And know the morning comes
With its full attire
Black, gold, white, silver
All diamonds raging with blood
But aside my rumblings
Your way is your way
I have walked mine
So with patience, I talk
With hope, I hope you see my ways
And maybe with caution and free-loose both combined
You will choose the path that leads to immortality
Drift on, drift well my child
For today is a new life for me, a new world for you

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