All These Rage Must Die Down

I’m twenty three
Last year I was born
birthed into evil’s depth
Eyes red like the devil’s skin
Fire as I burn in babel
Leaving life like I sold my soul
No receipts, just broke,
still heading to hell though
Down this drench called Sodom
Go! Go!! Roam a round a little more

Die down
Too much rage, I hold
Please let go of the anger
Too much rage, I swear
Dissipate, disappear
To dust, to air
Cos I need me to love me

Though, now, it’s time to leave all behind
This time, I see the white dove
This time, she comes floating down
The sky streams calling
Heart, legs, dancing
In heaven, I’m sure
No stains, got back my receipts
I see the smile
Brought thru by the dove of love
So let this rage die down
Cos if not, I’ll be right back to this stream

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