People of Zion (Patience)

The beast with its eyes gorged out

Roams the streets, hungry

Feeding on the naked threads

The real ones continue

Cos the tower has fallen

Marred with dirt

Nature has cleaned its sins

And left us to search for our own roots

Our hands in sand, so we dig

Through the rocks and flowing fountains

We must fight

Stop, clean the puddle of war

Break the hate

For the beasts has bitten our throats

Blood spilling from the machines we create

Patience has the key but man has the eyes

So we look with our one’s and two’s

Consuming information without an effort to build

Mystical stories formed to create diversion

Fearless are the ones who go the other way

They drink from the wisdom hidden in gutters

Helping up those hooked in the red red ditch

These ones have forgotten the tongue

That holds the people back

So with a quest to roam without fear

They wear faith and show sword

As their flags, with the moon passes through

We must join them and form a pyramid

A union uniting all lost brothers

We must know that to be has its breaks

Also called seeing without looking

Patience is the key, you know this

Discover the city buried in time

Uncovered through our unarranged rhymes

Read my thoughts, and I’ll call you the devil

For my path has refused to stop for blackened oil

Phase in, breathe out

For the key is locked into the ways of patience

Withstand it, and the beast will break your neck

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