Of a distant love, I was told

Of an old folk tale, I once heard

Back in my days of young

Eyes glued to the storyteller

Ears up, attention undivided

Mind settled properly to soak in folk tale

Of an old ancient city, I was told

A city bathed in pure gold

Streets glittering shiny yellow

City walls all covered by sunflowers

On the balance of clouds,

The city of gold rested

Behind its walls, inside the ancient city

On a certain cloudy summer time

Of a princess born with an infinite beauty, I was told

There above the dreamy summertime

Of her sparkling smile, I heard

Her flowing hair full of sunflowers

Of her eyes reflecting dreams, I was told

Her dress made of summer green

Lips pure with love untasted

Of her heart troubles, a tale was told

Of her love for a man, I think it was

Outside the sunflower covered walls

Below the moon-colored clouds

Of a certain summer, I heard

On the fields of a southern land

Of a man and his horse named Hercules, I was told

And in all things, I was told

Of his undying love for the princess up in the city of the sunflower

Of an old folk tale or so I once heard

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