My mind is in the right place now

Heart clutched and seized for a second

Pumped only after I ran the mile

Keep going back to the center

To who I am

My voice within

No matter how much I skid

sideways, tunnel away

Money money

Greed and some green

Blinding light on Dior street

Never the real thing

Can’t fake the sun

My brown skin show the true gems

Taste for finer things

Tongue tasting, many feigns

Vices in all forms

Distractions in headache pills

The years then stretch

Yet I circumvent

Back to my core

Blood on paper

arteries pouring out

Ink and soul-spill

Splattered on word docs


  1. samuyipharm says:

    Glad you’re back.

    1. Uyi says:

      Thank you. Back in full effect

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