Poe Kid Dreams

As I child, my heart free

Letters, all I saw

Afraid, never too scared

My eyes looped


Mango trees, banana peels

The above, without depth

Bicycle rides, leg walking

All around Barnawa

Heat sinking on skin

Black baked

God created

Circles rotated

Dirty hands

Wash anew

Sounds, birds

Night rain

Dust settled

Street shinning

All in me

Beat by beat

Cardiac release

Moral never snatched

Action ignited by curiosity

Bare feet, no hugs

Words, my only sibling

As I kid,

dreams and moons

Was all I ever had

A Generation Lost Within

I see my youth,
My ways, both singing:
dying of thirst

I see my soul,
My voice, both singing:
dying of thirst

I see my life,
My existence, both singing:
tired of running

Only the real will
reach the fountain of life
After surviving the roar of the lion


Sometimes, I bring out gold
Other times, it’s just plain rubbles
Pure sand to my eyes,
While I try to form a new language;
a new way called meaning, a sinner I remain
A sinner still moving from
One deep end to the other flat line
Both comprising, an essence in turmoil
As I push further out from the box,
I see my sins, though I get clearer,
The fight gets harder and tougher

So please, don’t kill my vibe
When you see me trying to find meaning
To you, I’m just contradicting
To me, I’m just being real and alive