The Young and Lucio

“I’m telling you men, it’s the new generation kids”

Wearing a faded brown and white 80’s vintage sweater, Lucio’s eyes widen with fiery intensity as he further elaborated on the idea contemporary friendship.

“I have a friend who when he was 17 years old went to jail for 22 years, when he came out, I was the first person he called.” Silence and a sigh, as Lucio momentarily relieved his past memory.
“You know what he told me?” Lucio asked me.

Obviously I needed not answer, so with my lips firmly shut, I patiently waited for him to continue his story.

“He told me that I’ve been like a brother to him ever since he entered his cell block.”
I could tell Lucio was fighting back incoming emotions by using every trick exclusively known to man.

“You see you younger kids don’t have that anymore.” Again he stopped, to which he briefly looked around to see if anyone was within his space or depth.
“All you kids think about is backstabbing each other; back and forth, on and on.”

Brief Intermission, intermission interrupted

“Remember that guy you saw me talking to earlier,” Lucio continued. “We’ve known each other since we were eight years old, and we haven’t seen each other for like two years, i think, but just like that we just caught up and it’s all love, no anno..whats that word…yeah.animosity between us two.”

And like the Soprano’s pitch black finale, Lucio unexpectedly ended his short rant and immediately walked towards the exit door.

With a nod and goodbye, he said “Aite, see you later man.”