Simple World: Random

Life keeps pushing further into the year. The sun is consistent. Are we? Humans inhabiting the earth. Are we consistent in keeping this earth from dying or are we consistent in destroying this very earth?

I have three animals within me: a sheep, a tiger and a demon. All three make me who I am. All I need to function as a full fleshed human. Every emotions I give to these three and they consume.

Simple World: Using Culture for Survival


Using culture for survival, not to antagonize: creating division amongst a generation that have more things in common than any era to have lived on earth.

Imagine a world, evil hiding in the presence of good. Acting, representing all the glamour and glitz associated with serenity only to lose one step down then the true face appears.

The idea to go back home after all this years of pillaging through the mud and rain of another country has hope burning crawling through my veins. Having fought hard to come here to this place, I now find myself fighting life itself to go back home. Rejection spews out of me with every attempt, every sweat, and every shiver. Through the seasons, I long for the abode I seek. Yet in another land, I am uncounted for. Without a name, a number they call me. And with force, I answer.

I stood up and looked around, and the eyes in the office met mine. It was bone chilling, seeing all that looked but could not see look at me and reveal the secrets beyond their minds to me. It was an eerie feeling. Evil yet sweet like the sweetness of a mother’s love. All pure yet if used could be bring the burden of suffering and abuse.

Pursue me, pursue me. Watch me grow into a man and see my mistakes every step I take. I call for you and come forth, with your hands out wide, like a lost lover ready to let go off any grudge, any pain that might have planted as a wooden stake into your heart. Yes, I see you. That wicked, wicked smile.

The idea of my blackness only sunk in when I landed at Dallas International Airport. The summer torching humidity was the first to welcome me. It was unbelievable stepping out from the well air conditioned lobby into the bare intense heat. It felt like the melting heat was tugging at my skin, reminding, sucking away any trace of bodily fluid. This was different from the northern sun of Kaduna I was used to. This was the in your face type of sun in a way mirroring much of the attitude I was to receive later on.

Through the red lines, our subject pupils adjusted to the green emerald light that emancipate every breath of the room; illuminating the high taste that encompassed the whole building. Our subject still deluded: entranced, walks towards the now increasingly bright light stationed at th

The Young and Lucio

“I’m telling you men, it’s the new generation kids”

Wearing a faded brown and white 80’s vintage sweater, Lucio’s eyes widen with fiery intensity as he further elaborated on the idea contemporary friendship.

“I have a friend who when he was 17 years old went to jail for 22 years, when he came out, I was the first person he called.” Silence and a sigh, as Lucio momentarily relieved his past memory.
“You know what he told me?” Lucio asked me.

Obviously I needed not answer, so with my lips firmly shut, I patiently waited for him to continue his story.

“He told me that I’ve been like a brother to him ever since he entered his cell block.”
I could tell Lucio was fighting back incoming emotions by using every trick exclusively known to man.

“You see you younger kids don’t have that anymore.” Again he stopped, to which he briefly looked around to see if anyone was within his space or depth.
“All you kids think about is backstabbing each other; back and forth, on and on.”

Brief Intermission, intermission interrupted

“Remember that guy you saw me talking to earlier,” Lucio continued. “We’ve known each other since we were eight years old, and we haven’t seen each other for like two years, i think, but just like that we just caught up and it’s all love, no anno..whats that word…yeah.animosity between us two.”

And like the Soprano’s pitch black finale, Lucio unexpectedly ended his short rant and immediately walked towards the exit door.

With a nod and goodbye, he said “Aite, see you later man.”

A Pit Bull Morning

Plastered with a rough beard and a scruffy look; the man probably in his late fifties gently held the lease on Ritta’s neck. With delight Ritta  opened her mouth wide open happily receiving the sky’s cozy warmth. She had a brown and white fur, and her eyes carelessly moved from one unknown object to the other. Those large bright eyes of hers said it all. She was in good place and the love she had for her owner flowed effortlessly. Mr. fifties, as I often called him was not the picture-perfect owner, nor was he clean or well-kept. He had a faint odor which smelt like a hot afternoon carried deep away from the south. Unlike her owner, Ritta did not have any distinctive odor, in fact she smelt surprisingly better than Mr. fifties. Her toe-nails were well-groomed and her fur was silk-like smooth.
“I don’t know where my sister got Ritta from, but I love this dog, man,” Mr. fifties said. After which, he and Ritta began their walk back to whence they had come from.

Early in the morning with the sun still nowhere to be found, Ritta and her owner strolled down the quiet empty road while the cars refused the light of day and the birds talked about nectar and berries.

A Tale by the Moonlight

“Out of this death will love come from,” the man wearing a blue hat said to the woman painted in red.

The air was short and precise. The moon lit a shadowy gaze on the field of maize. The two lovers carelessly dragged the soulless body through the thickness of the field. Their deepest fear was for the sun to see their unsettling deeds. They needed this thick darkness to hide away their decaying sin. The full bearded man carried his own bulk of the weight. The red-faced woman cried without restraints as she fought her way through the full-blown snow while holding her fair share of the dead weight.
The light of day was almost amongst the two lovers. And as they reached the end to their journey, they both wore their masks of fulfillment. Soon but not near enough, they would have all the time to share their love for one another.