A Tale by the Moonlight

“Out of this death will love come from,” the man wearing a blue hat said to the woman painted in red.

The air was short and precise. The moon lit a shadowy gaze on the field of maize. The two lovers carelessly dragged the soulless body through the thickness of the field. Their deepest fear was for the sun to see their unsettling deeds. They needed this thick darkness to hide away their decaying sin. The full bearded man carried his own bulk of the weight. The red-faced woman cried without restraints as she fought her way through the full-blown snow while holding her fair share of the dead weight.
The light of day was almost amongst the two lovers. And as they reached the end to their journey, they both wore their masks of fulfillment. Soon but not near enough, they would have all the time to share their love for one another.