His mind was gone

Sitting or standing


between gravity and falling

An imbalance

I saw the blood stains plastered on his brown pants

Tethered black jacket

Knuckles white glistening

As he stood up

I knew this was not his exit

Yet, he got up

Wobbled to the large front doors

Got close

Then his feet failed

Slowly, he swayed back

into a bed of water

Or I think

Coz remember his mind was gone

Sitting or standing


between here and some other place in my memory

Please Swing

The boy sits on the swing all by himself waiting for no one in particular. Back and forth without putting any effort, he swings. The rain falls and pours with haste still the boy remained calm while looking ahead into nothing. With disregard, the pain crawls up from his stomach and flushes into his heart. He watches other kids laugh while their parents joyfully play with them. The boy sits on the swing staring ahead wishing for the family he never had. He wished for the joys he had never tasted. He was sure the warmth of having parents would be sweet unlike this bitter sour feeling on his tongue. The boy sat on the swing crying and wishing for another life. โ€œAnother again,โ€ he said.