Simple World: Freedom Edition

“Ain’t no destiny without free choice,” said the man.
He strolled into the store, late in the night, singing railway tunes. His voice was just right, enough to get some stares from the other customers.
Some moved away from the singing man, others just smiled between their teeth. He, seeing all, remained balanced without any form of the twitch one gets when in anger.
“Preconceived Judgment, is was it is, nothing more,” he told me. “This country belongs to anyone that’s here, it’s called the American dream”
His eyes were piercingly fierce so I had no choice but to hold onto his gaze.
“We are the sacrificial lamb” said the man.
His last words sank deep and it was there my mind stopped. My mind left the warm breeze of the evening, searching the meaning to the singing man’s words. Simple words are simple, but today on this bright cool morning, my thoughts find it hard to eat those simple bites.
There is nothing more for me to print but his already written words. I know more can be said. Things can be brought forth out into the space but there is nothing more for now. I smile knowing you invested your time, reading through these words. But his words are too strong to go on. For now I must digest. I must inhale my sanity and hope to hit paper soon.