Simple World: Magic

The world has shifted and so has magic. The magic we once knew is still the same but expressed through a different lens. The old and the new magic both exist but the language may have adapted to accommodate our new reality. Simple, the stars have fallen down into our hands. We no longer look into the stars, we look down into our phones. Like a bowl of water, we watch, predict, fail, lie, smile, laugh, join, expose all of which we have into this bowl of stars.

Magic has always worked with the sky, either through oral telling, invoking, incantation, photosynthesis. Magic always is, regardless which ever medium exist. Its all about perspective. The old magic appears far and far more like a fairy tale to the new audience: we the people. Our new magic system is not so fantasy like, it is our reality, we call on the system day to day. When we wake up, we engage into the blue light, register our faces, and then past present and future time is revealed in an instant. We are accessors or capturers of time. When you exist in your own medium, magic should always feel less fantasy, more in the line of rare or hard to find but it exist. Take any piece of technology we have now back to anyone from the 300 years ago, and you may just find yourself tied to a stake.

Condescending and Connected

the internet, our world brought closer
like why can’t i look across my neighbors shoulders, we ask
to protect or kill?
to praise or chastise?
either ways i’m close to you
breathe deep, tells me I’m alive
Lies, hate, fear, we’re skin deep in this hell
sounds of the night enclosing, retelling
the jungle front and center
lions left out
humans, demons
culture kept to the dying moment
then revived by the very second of hope
pass me the circle
the white chalk to announce
the return of my suffering

The Stone Age of the Internet

When the moment is silent

The world refuses to sleep

Humans all awake, beings restless

The Age of the Internet has most sleepless

We’re all there amidst the skies

We’re all there amidst the fire

All gathered, all joined by the force of life

The Age of the Internet has cured the curse of time: distance

Yet, here we are failing to meet eyes

Yet, here we are failing to connect minds

Like a high school, timid girls and boys afraid for a dance

So across the hall, though gathered, far apart we stay

Though gathered, words fail us, so the rift continues

This era when wounds should heal faster

This era when rivers apart should come closer

Oh, this era when understanding should make sense

Maybe this rift exist because not everyone’s fully connected

Soon very soon, from the south to the north, east to the west

The rest will come through these doors and then

Maybe then we all will finally use this gift to find tomorrow

Tabs of Life

Sometimes my browser gets clouded

With different artistic tabs

Computer slows down

Begging, that I may close these tabs

Then I think

Where would these tabs be?

If the artist refused to paint

Share a piece of mind

Bash a brick of wall

For all to see

And feel the moment

When those words flowed

Without hate, only real

So I say

Thanks to the tabs of life