Another Again

Full with mistakes

Hoping I can correct and rightfully direct my ways

Fully displayed with red

All over, painted with distaste


A man only cries when all is never enough

When failing, is all that is left or right

We all have a savior we must find

In flesh, I must write


The topic never passing mystery

A mistake

Another mystery

Again I fall, failing to land

So where is my own savior?

In flesh, I must write


Must I fail twice over?

Maybe till I hear that voice of redemption

I am tired of this place,

A place filled with thorns and rocks

So I say where is my own answer to all these misdirected steps?

In flesh, I must say


Take it all,

All I want is you to find me

Finding you, find me

Standing alone is a lonely business

Only the night can tell how sad the tale is

So I need you, another again

In this place

In flesh or in love, I must say



  1. tha art uv wurdz says:

    dopeness reigns up in here. You got some skills.

  2. Thanks men! Appreciate, we’ve all got skills. Constant refining is my key.

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