Six years of my life
Vanished like the night before
Come morning and the sun’s up
Hear it, hear it
Here comes the pain
Those numbers wasted away
Never to return back to life
As I sit here by the sun
I wonder about my dreams
Possibilities gone with those years
Washed away with the tide before

Six years of my youth dead
Bones and skins: bare soul
Moments transcending my current grief
Fear has no meaning around here
Only an avenue I must walk on

I was born a free one
Though the past has me a slave
Those cube box and filtered waves
Has my way rendered
But I must persevere
For those six years are long gone
Vanished with the night before
Full with lackluster experiences

Come morning, I’m born again
Afresh with a new voice
For all I have are my ink and sweat, both combined

Another Again

Full with mistakes

Hoping I can correct and rightfully direct my ways

Fully displayed with red

All over, painted with distaste


A man only cries when all is never enough

When failing, is all that is left or right

We all have a savior we must find

In flesh, I must write


The topic never passing mystery

A mistake

Another mystery

Again I fall, failing to land

So where is my own savior?

In flesh, I must write


Must I fail twice over?

Maybe till I hear that voice of redemption

I am tired of this place,

A place filled with thorns and rocks

So I say where is my own answer to all these misdirected steps?

In flesh, I must say


Take it all,

All I want is you to find me

Finding you, find me

Standing alone is a lonely business

Only the night can tell how sad the tale is

So I need you, another again

In this place

In flesh or in love, I must say