Afro Blue (II)

Let’s dream on, overlapping our lives with songs of soul
Let’s paint the great waves with our minds
Shading our faces with sweet delight
It’s rich, our love
The love that binds us well
It’s better this way
Our suffering makes the joy louder
Our pain makes the time we spend rewarding
It’s rich, our love
Your eyes binds me ever close
Woman of graced beauty
Woman blessed with seasoned life
So rich, your hair so black and thick
When you braid it, my hands carelessly go through
Through it, it goes, then to your neck it settles
Touching your neck, pricking softly
I can feel it, those hairs that raise up
Full with attention as I slide my hands through them
Ever so rich, that moment we stay in
Ever so enthralling, when our hearts combine
Reconnecting our lives from the times of old
Though we lost each other a season or two
We have again found our missing piece
One and two’s, some say
But it’s just one with you, I tell them

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