Afro Blue (III) (I know, lets go there one more time)

I have come back to you
My back is tired, my legs weak and full with dust
The desert was not kind, sand storms all about
Voices of women dragging me here and there
But a voice so smooth, so subtle, so crisp
Came into my mind and with speed I let them be
Back on feet, I continued my journey
Walk and walk, I did
My heart worked hard as the sun burned skin
My mind weak, fell
My bones deep dry, followed after it

In the sand, I laid waiting for death
But again it came, rich as the night
Blue as the sky, plump as the sea
Illuminating like the carving of your hips
Strikingly divine like the beauty that holds soul
That voice, it comes back, waking me up
With grace and energy, it fills me up
Rich in my strength, I stand, full up
I look back at the journey so far
Then with my flask now somehow filled with water
I move towards that saving muse
Beauty galore when I think of you
My hearts beats a bit more when I remember
The other times of life when we were
Kings and Queens of the land of the big waves
When we lived amongst our people
Without pain or strife
We honored our people with respect
As they did us, reward to all……….so and so

So my mind continues
Drifting on and on
Flowing with the flying sand
My taste is gone and my flask is again dry
But as I ponder about the coming of days
I look up to the waves of sand
There across from where I stand
There in the midst of the dust
There you stand, your blue garment flowing in the storm
Like a dream, I try to awaken from it
But I’m already awoken by your startling presence
There you are, back again for another life time with me
Rich as our love, souls met to be one

Shades of delight, Afro blue
Shades of delight, cool cool hue
Shades of delight, Afro blue
Shades of delight, cool cool hue – Erykah Badu

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